The science of mindful running

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Personalized Smart Zones Audio Feedback and Biometric Coach Heart Rate Monitoring Run Recap and Progress Tracking Breathing Rhythm Calorie Count, Cadence, Distance, Pace and more

Smart Running Zones

The first-ever running app to combine both heart rate and breathing to accurately determine your unique & personalized running zones.

OM will guide you to run in your optimal zones so you can :

  • Achieve greater progress
  • Maximize fat burn
  • Reduce the possible risk of injury and unneccesary fatigue

Listen to your body and achieve sustainable results.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Sensors so seamlessly embedded in the bra, you won't even know they are there. Capturing your heart rate signature directly from the core, the sensors read deep body signals unlike those capturing metrics from your wrist, like smartwatches.

Breathing Rhythm

OMrun is the only app to help you synchronize your breathing and steps to improve your running efficiency. A good breathing rhythm helps increase energy so you can run longer distances, reduce fatigue and enjoy a more mindful run.

Audio Feedback and Biometric Coach

Let OM guide you through live audio feedback, coaching tips and breathing visualizations based on your body's own signals. You'll have better insight into your effort, taking the guesswork out of your performance. OMrun's biometric coach uses patent-pending algorithms and intuitive interfaces so you can reach your running goals while respecting your body.

Your personal running dashboard

Run Recap & Progress Tracking

Gain greater insights about your runs and overall progress :

  • Review details about your metrics, including heart rate, breathing, pace, stride length, steps, cadence and calories
  • Dive deeper into every mile you ran with a colour-coded map
  • Follow your progress over time
  • Learn more about your smart zones, and personalized ventilatory threshold (VT) and anaerobic threshold (AT)

OMfit also available for your training

Drive your fitness to the next level with our innovative fitness features that can help anyone up their fitness game

  • Real Time Biometrics Track heart rate, breathing, activity intensity and calories in real-time
  • Biometric Tests Grade your heart rate recovery and heart rate variability
  • Workout videos Get fit with our trainers while your live metrics are displayed on screen
  • Reports Deep dive into your biometrics with our post-workout reports to help you better understand your performance
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