See how your OM Smart Shirt, OM Smart Box and OM Smart App act like a personal coach, making fitness more fun and helping you achieve your fitness goals quicker. Welcome to the perfect workout team.

OM Smart Shirt
OM Smart Box
OM Smart App

OM Smart Shirt

Smarter design, smarter knit, smarter workouts.

Like no shirt you've ever experienced, OMsignal's reegineered smart fabric ensures more comfort and more accurate data readings to help you get more out of your workouts.

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  • Smart Textile
    Conductive yarn and quick dry fabric ensures accurate readings no matter how much you move or sweat.
  • Compression Fit
    Activates blood circulation, enhances performance and helps muscles recover faster.
  • Improved Comfort
    Our new design adopts your body's shape and stretches with you like a skin
    Different thread patterns provide ease of movement, comfort and breathability.
  • Moisture management
    Features climate control and moisture-wicking performance to keep you cool.
  • Machine washable
    Treat your OM Smart Shirt like any other high performance shirt.

OM Smart Box

Your OM Smart Box contains the most advanced data reading technology

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  • Workout proof:
    Its light, sturdy, waterproof shell can handle any kind of workout.
  • Precision:
    5 connectors ensure more accurate data readings.
  • Data storage:
    Stores your data for up to 30 hours for future viewing or streams it live to your mobile app so you can follow your progress in real time
  • Marathon battery life:
    Power through 10 workouts or 1 day of continuous use before recharging.

OM Smart App

Sleek, easy to use interface.

All your key readings visible at a glance:

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  • Heart Rate:
    As well as seeing your live heart rate during exercise, measure your Resting Heart Rate, Peak Heart Rate, Heart Rate Recovery Time and more to instantly gauge your progress.
  • Breathing Rate:
    Seeing your breaths per minute in real time you’ll be more aware of breathing slower giving you more energy to push yourself further every time.
  • Push Score:
    Measures how hard you're pushing yourself during strength-training-based exercises.
  • Steps:
    See the total number of steps taken during a workout or during a whole day.
  • Calorie Count:
    Measures calories burnt and displays past readings to track the difference every time you workout.
  • Past Readings:
    Detailed post workout data helps you stay on top of your progress goals and personal bests.
  • Heart Rate Zones:
    Know what heart rate zone you're training in to achieve your fitness goals quicker.