Our Collection

Context-specific SmartWear

Our comfortable, fashionable, and affordable clothing line now makes it possible to collect vast amounts of contextualized, medical-grade biometrics data, changing the approach to health in many markets.

Wide range of sizes (XS-3XL)
Breathable fabric and Moisture management
Blend of soft fibers, for a natural feel
Seamlessly integrated breath-tracking, and printed ECG sensors
Comfortable fit

Everyday Shirt

  • Fitted
  • Long- and short-sleeve designs available

Everyday Bra

  • Great support throughout the day
  • Fully adjustable straps
  • Removable and breathable padding
  • Contoured cups for a flattering shape
  • Soft inner mesh

Sleep Shirt

  • Loose fit
  • No compression
  • Long- and short-sleeve designs available
  • V-Neck or Round Neck designs available

Sleep Camisole

  • Comfortable minimum support
  • No compression
  • Adjustable straps

ActiveWear Shirt

  • Fitted
  • Long- and short-sleeve designs available
  • Comfortable outer mesh

ActiveWear Bra

  • High-impact and versatile
  • Shock-absorbing racerback
  • Fully adjustable straps
  • Contoured cups for a flattering shape
Common Questions

Let us answer your questions.

Are your products machine-washable?

Yes. Our smart garment apparel is comfortable, attractive, affordable, and reliable, and our SmartWear can be used and cared for like any other consumer clothing; you simply have to remove the recording module before washing your SmartWear garments like any other sportswear.  We do everything we can to make it simple and practical for consumers to use our garments every day.

What’s the size range?

Men’s apparel: XS to XXXL. We offer fitted shirts as well as a looser fit.

Women’s apparel: 32A to 40E.Our bras have adjustable straps and band.

If you still have questions, please get in touch with us.

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