Jean Pascal Lion

“To prepare for cycling competitions in the springtime, OMsignal’s Smartwear helps me build a strong aerobic base in the wintertime by ensuring I continually train in my proper Heart Rate Zone” Jean Pascal Lion, Certified Trainer and Powerwatts Coach

Dominic Plante

"I was surprised to see the direct correlation between my fitness session and my Resting Heart Rate When I first tried on my shirt, my resting heart was around 79, Once I committed to a training program using my biometrics as a guide, I was encouraged by the fact that my resting heart rate came down to around 65 shortly after" Dominic Plante, Senior Strategic Manager

Chris Ince

"The OM shirt is going to allow us to tweek programs in a real-time scenario; it takes away the guess work and the formulas that we normally use and it puts all the information right in front of us immediately" Chris Ince, Certified Trainer and owner of U.N.I Gym

Stephan Chatigny

“Before I could track their biometrics, it was difficult evaluating the client's progress until they lost that first pound or could benchpress more. This had a negative impact on their motivation. OM Signal's biosensing gear allows to track both and assess the positive impact of their workout on their body in a matter of days” Stephan Chatigny, Certified Trainer and owner of Gymnasia Gym

Jay Quarmby

"OMsignal's Biometric Smartwear is a first of its kind - I'm thrilled to be a part of this leap into the future of optimal mind and body wellness" Jay Quarmby, Certified Trainer