When Data is Good: Signal Quality at the Root of Metrics

When Data is Good: Signal Quality at the Root of Metrics

By: Pascal Fortier, Biosignal scientist, PhD in Neuroscience

There is a lot to learn and understand when it comes to what the body has to say. It all starts with a clear signal. The same way a familiar voice can be heard in the most crowded restaurant, we ensured our system was tuned to heart signal so it could track it even in the most intense run.

As wearables hit the market, customers are more and more aware of the importance of good root signal. Accuracy and quality of the signal is no longer something to compromise on. In order to validate how true our signal is, we compared the OMsignal system to the best lab equipment we could find in a series of contexts from relaxation exercise to jumping jacks and, of course, running. Both OMsignal and the lab device were recording simultaneously in order to compare raw electrocardiogram, heartbeat detection and heart rate values.

In a nutshell, OMsignal does fantastic. Both heart rates were very similar (±0.5 bpm difference) and heart beats were detected just the same by OMsignal and the Lab Research ECG . In fact, in the most intense contexts, OMsignal was still having good heartbeat detection while the lab equipment was more affected by the movement. That led to 7% more heartbeat detected by OMsignal, amazing for for sensors embedded in clothing, as compared to glued and gelled for the lab kit. Such accuracy is the best foundation to meaningful insights and mindfulness about what the body has to say.

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