What is Mindful Running?

What is Mindful Running?

By: Stephane Marceau, Co-founder of OMsignal 

Running is the most widely practiced sports activity in North America but most runners ignore the fundamentals of healthy running. Mindful Running is to balance the desire to progress with a healthy and enjoyable approach to running.

Through years of research, interviewing and testing, we realized that women think of fitness and running in a very different way than men. The most commonly shared desire among female runners is listening to their body when they run. Men tend to be far more interested in comparing themselves with others (and if possible outdoing them).

OMbra, a new line of smart sports bras which works in tandem with a new mobile app OMrun, is designed for women who run, with the goal of helping them achieve Mindful Running.

The tenets of Mindful Running explained below:



  • Maximize your personal progress.


Achieve more concrete benefits from every run in a balanced yet results-oriented way. By running according to your OMrun personalized zones, you stand to run longer and faster and more often. You also will develop more stamina and increase fat burning from your activity.

  • Reduce the risk of injury and fatigue.

Running in a way that is healthy and sustainable for your body means that you can keep on running long-term. Most runners injure themselves regularly since running puts great strains on the body. For women in particular, they are susceptible to strains on the back, shoulders, and breasts. Not only is having the right sports bra is critical, but following a running program or adopting habits that are good to the body are essential for continued good health.  

  • Stay In Flow

Athletes, musicians, and technologists alike enter a state of flow when they perform an activity and are fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus and enjoyment.  We see runners as being In Flow addicts of sorts, and so the OMrun app experience focuses on interpreted insights and visualizations, without showing a lot of data during their actual run. The experience is designed to seamlessly add to the running moment so you come back sooner for the next run.

OMrun and Mindful Running were developed over years of Research & Development involving systematic testing with runners, as well as continuous experimentation and analysis.  To know more about the science underpinning Mindful Running click here. 


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