Your Sports Bra Insights

Your Sports Bra Insights

By: Aldjia Begriche, Head of Smart Textiles and Fashion

Thoughts women have about their bras-and what we’ve created to change that.

  1. My boobs are pretty small, so I don’t need that much support. The level of breast support that you need is not related to your bra size, but rather to your activity level. Even women with cup size A or B need and deserve to have the utmost support for whatever activities they engage in.

  2. A good, compressive bra is just fine with me. Great, if you want a uniboob or a terrible support system for your girls. The truth is, there’s no such thing as a ‘good’ compressive bra. These are simply multiple layers stacked on top of one another. To ensure support, your breasts actually need to be supported through separate encapsulating cups to control bounce and keep your breasts in place.

  3. I fear the ‘Uniboob,’ and I think too much support will cause my breasts to flatten. Maybe with the typical compressive bra, but not ours. To us, support is more a matter of constraining parts of your breasts where required. We use two distinct, padded cups to keep your breasts perky (but bounce-free).

  4. Bras with too many adjustments are difficult to put on. Adjusting bras are actually easier to put on, as they allow you to put them on in different ways. The OMbra can be put on in three ways (so far): Keeping everything attached and as is, simply pulling it over your head as a tee-shirt; Keeping just the strap attachments closed, then pulling it over your head to attach in the back; or removing one strap (particularly if you have wide shoulders) then attaching everything once the bra is on your body.

  5. My bra straps keep sliding off of my shoulders during my run. The most common failure point in sports bras, inadequate straps lead to bounce and discomfort, often deterring women from running. The OMbra has adjustable straps in specific increments, use them as your allies to give you the opportunity to play around with the bra and tune it to your unique body type.

  6. This underwire is KILLING me! Although the OMbra does have an underwire under your breasts for ultimate support, we have created it with the utmost flexibility and softest material to ensure this complaint never to arise. 

  7. I just want a cute looking sports bra. From sleek black to a “Jazzy Cheetah” print, the OMbra has just what you need to flaunt your style on the streets.

  8. My current sports bra is too tight and rides up my chest, causing chaffing and discomfort. Never fear, OM is here! Once purchased online, our bra is guaranteed with the proper fitting guide to ensure you have the best fit. We have spent long hours measuring compression, testing fabrics and structuring guidelines for your pursuit in finding the perfect sports bra.

  9. I just want to work out in my regular bra because it’s more comfortable. You wouldn’t wearflip-flopss to run, would you? Sports bras and regular bras have two completely different intentions. While your regular bra may not feel so constraining, it’s also not performing any training! Wearing a fully-supportive sports bra is key to staying sag-less and happy with your breasts.

  10. Good sports bras are just too damn expensive. How much do you invest in your running shoes? Just like your feet, your breasts need support during impact exercises. Read: “How Well Do You Actually Know Your Boobs?” about why your breast health is something you should start paying more attention to. 


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