OMrun Features | February Edition

OMrun Features | February Edition

Discover the latest features!

Our latest features in the OMrun app will help you reach your goals in the best way yet. We're excited to announce the following features to help you run even better; New Heart Rate Graph & improved Audio Feedback.


Improved Audio Feedback


You can now adjust your feedback frequency preferences based on different intervals of time and distance. This update also offers Smart Zone Coaching. Throughout your run, the app will let you know when you're entering a new Smart Zone. Whether you're doing a long endurance run, or don't want to tire out too fast during a race, it's now even easier than ever to run in your desired zone.




New Smart Zones Graph


Swipe left over your Smart Zones chart and discover a brand new graph! Use it to quickly compare how your heart rate fluctuated over your Smart Zones during your run.



If you haven't already, make sure you update to the latest version of OMrun to start enjoying our latest features!

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