Jessy Forgues: her journey with the help of the OMbra

Jessy Forgues: her journey with the help of the OMbra

Jessy started running ultra-marathons in September 2015 and has consistently placed in the top 3 in the 65km, 100km, and 125km events equally. She is currently ranked #6 among Canada's female trail runners in the 100km+ category. Always with a smile, a humble attitude, and deeply committed to helping others, Jessy is the perfect addition to the OM family.


We're happy to share the interview with her below:




OMsignal: Why Ultra-Trails?


Jessy:I was never really interested in marathons, to begin with. At a marathon, everyone starts in corrals, plus they're located in the city whereas I prefer running in the woods. I also sit in traffic often, as well as work in the public sector, so sometimes I just need to drop off the radar and get some "me time". Even if an Ultra-Trail is technically a competition, the crowd spreads out on a 65k and you end up running alone."


OMsignal: What’s your favorite running memory?


Jessy"I’d say probably my first Ultra-Trail (65k). I took the morning bus at around 5:30 a.m. When I climbed into the bus, I was immediately intimidated by everyone dressed in all this techy gear. I only came on with a little bag so I wasn’t entirely sure what I was getting myself into… I thought I was going to get eliminated in the bus alone! In the end, I finished first and broke the 65k record. 65k is my shortest Ultra-Trail, but definitely the most memorable."


OMsignal: When the going gets tough, what gets you going?


Jessy"You always experience some form of challenge on a trail, but I get through them as fast as they come. I tell myself that the physical pain is only temporary because it quickly shifts location or even better, completely disappears. Another few diversion tactics I have are to direct my attention to the landscape that surrounds me, and just take in all of its beauty. I feel grateful for the simple fact that I have the ability to run at all. I think of all the effort I put into training to get ready for this day. And lastly, I think of my two beautiful children who encourage me and support me in my ultras…" 


OMsignal: What advice would you give a fellow runner?


Jessy: "Wear clothes that make you feel good and look good. Wear terrain-appropriate shoes. Before you go on your run, look in the mirror and flash your best smile. Remember to take time for yourself. The outdoors are waiting for you; just listen to your body and enjoy the ride!"


OMsignal: What do you like most about the OMbra?


Jessy"I would say mainly its ability to help me stay in my Endurance Zone, its look, and its comfort. Since I’ve been using the OMbra on a regular basis, it's allowed me to learn more about my level of physical fitness, but above all, to evaluate my level of fatigue in accordance with my interval training. It also helps me manage my recovery, slow it down when needed, train better and it lets me know when it's time for a break. Life is constantly changing and we need to adapt. The union between my OMbra and my body has enabled me to be a more accomplished athlete for many years to come."


OMsignal: How has the OMbra helped you most in your training?


Jessy: "It's helped me to slow down when I have a tendency to speed up. It's also helped me to train better and tell me when my body is tired, when my mind may not be listening."


OMsignal: What were some of your recent challenges and what’s up next


Jessy"As it stands, my longest distance was 125k in September 2016. In April 2016, I did the 50k in Burlington and the 100k on Mont-Albert. My next challenge is the 165k trail this summer in Gaspésie on Mont-Albert in Quebec, Canada. Last year their longest trail open was 100k, this year they opened a new longer trail: 165k with an approximate elevation of 8000 meters."

OMsignal: What are your hopes for your upcoming challenges?


Jessy: "To discover other mountaintops abroad, to keep training without being in fear of over-training, to have an overall happy year of trails, and of course, achieve all of this without injury."


🏃🏼‍♀️ Jessy Forgues - 2017/27/01 

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