Introducing: Treadmill Running

Introducing: Treadmill Running

We’re excited to announce our latest feature that will put all your winter running excuses to bed!


Not only will Treadmill running better support you in your New Year’s running goals, but make them easier to achieve, as well.

Having the runner’s experience as our prime objective for this feature, we wanted to make sure that this experience would be as seamless as possible. Our running app automatically detects if you are running outside or inside, making it easy to get moving.

When used on a treadmill, the distance and pace are estimated using the OMbox's motion detection so you can place your iPhone in front of you while running. Unlike other apps that require you to run with your phone on you to recognize your steps, now you can always keep an eye on your stats while clocking in your miles.


Head over to the app store to get the latest update and start running indoor today.

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