How Well Do You Actually Know Your Boobs?

How Well Do You Actually Know Your Boobs?

By: Aldjia Begriche - Head of Smart Textiles and Fashion

The effect bra choice plays on long-term breast health.

Think about how long it takes you to buy a pair of running shoes. You know, based on experience, that running is a high-impact sport and if your feet are compromised, your run will be too. With so much emphasis on foot health, your breasts are often neglected but perhaps receive the biggest blows from the violently impactful sport of running.

Improperly supported breasts can bounce up to 14 cm in every direction, leading to permanent damage of the surrounding tissues and unbearable pain--pain that can be eliminated with one simple fix: Wear a proper sports bra.

When buying a new sports bra, aesthetics are often chosen over support, thus resulting in a slow but sure deterioration of your femininity. With a properly fitting bra with ultimate support, your ladies will be happy, healthy and stable--and so will your running routine.

Breast Pain During Exercise

Breasts are a commonly overlooked body part, but without the proper support the effect of high impact activity can be detrimental to their health.

With weak support from the surrounding ligaments and skin, your breasts require the necessary support to ensure the heavy impact doesn’t cause breast pain, connective tissue strain or breast sag.

Painful or not, most women runners want to continue their regiment. This can result in additional injuries to the lower body due to compensating for the pain experienced in the breasts. When inadequately supported, women choose to smoothen their ride by focusing impact on their hips and knees instead of their breasts.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. With a properly fitting sports bra--size, structure and design--you can prevent and eliminate breast pain, allowing a longer, more comfortable stride.

What To Do About It

Strain is an important parameter in the source of breast pain during exercise, and can be lessened or even eliminated by up to 56% for moderate exercise and 64% for vigorous activity with the properly fitting sports bra.

Next time you buy a bra, take the time to note what it’s actually offering you. Why is it designed in this way? Does it have durable, adjustable straps? Is the fabric textiled so that it won’t get looser and looser through multiple washes? Is there a stiff underwire that may cause chafing or pressure to your chest? Finally, does it provide you with the maximum support? If the product fails to answer “yes” to all of the above, visualize yourself in ten years with saggy breasts and painful joints--then decide it’s not adequate enough for you.

See how OM has created the Ultimate Sports Bra with your breast health in mind.

As we spend so much time thinking into other aspects of our health, it's time to become unapologetic about giving proper attention to our breasts. Honour your womanhood and eliminate the onset of pain by choosing a sports bra that fits you perfectly. Choose the OMbra today.

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