OMbra Blows Up the Scene Globally, Sweeps CES off its Feet

OMbra Blows Up the Scene Globally, Sweeps CES off its Feet

Following the launch of the OMbra, we wanted to provide you with a quick recap highlighting our biggest accomplishments from our immensely successful CES push.


Despite not having a booth, and for some of us, not even a badge, we were the talk of CES 2016 with journalists chasing us down from every corner, giving rise to over 35 briefs, and more than 800 pieces penned about the OMbra that resulted in an outstanding combined audience of approximately 125 million viewers in the US alone!


With that said, it's obvious that we are absolutely beside ourselves with excitement and are overwhelmed with the attention we've received over the past 3 weeks. With the OMbra campaign now at 90k views and counting, it's not hard to believe that even the one and only Conan O'Brien caught wind of the OMBra and had something to say about it in his January 4th opening monologue. Skip to the 3:20 mark to get a good chuckle.


If that's not enough, the OMbra even secured its place among several Best of CES lists including: Forbes, AdweekWomen’s Health, Toronto Star and WWD. Other honourable top-tier mentions include coverage from the likes of CBS News, CNBC, Business Insider, USA Today, The Daily Dot, Today Show, SELF Magazine, Mashable, Discovery News, Engadget, Elite Daily and The Verge.


Seven prominent YouTube influencers also published shining product review videos of the OMbra, with two more reviews to go live in the coming week. Check out Brittany LesserJessica GouthroBeautyyBirdChristine Salus, Josie Mai and LoveSweatFitness to get a taste of the OMbra in action. 


In only 3 weeks, our OMbra introduction video has accumulated an astounding amount of views from curious viewers, likewise, our Science Behind the OMbra has also garnered its fair share of views. Head over to our OMbra landing page for the full monty.



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