OMsignal Review: Jeff Rizzo puts the OMsignal shirt through the wringer!

After several of his followers request take a look at what we do, Jeff Rizzo decided to film an in-depth 7 mins long review of our Biometric Smatwear, or as he calls it, “a fancy word to say clothing with sensors built it!”

“You’re looking at the future here of connected fitness and wearable technology”

Jeff’s video review covers the different shirt styles offered, how the technology works and a few key metrics the OMsignal app offers such as the Push score, with Jeff remarking that it was great to get data field for lifting!

“OMsignal has really beaten everybody to the market with a first really cool product!”

He also put the shirt through the wringer by testing the shirt while rowing, strength training, Crossfit training, and running. Get a closer look below!

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