OMsignal Review: “I’ve been testing an OMsignal fitness shirt and it’s ingenious”

Highly esteemed tech reviewer Kevin C. Tofel tested the OMsignal shirt was one of the lucky first to get to review the OMsignal shirt back in November, guess what he had to say? 

I’ve been testing an OMSignal fitness shirt — biometric smartwear, as Stéphane Marceau, the CEO of OMsignal calls it — and it’s ingenious. Instead of cramming sensors into gadgets, the OMSignal uses textiles to capture activity, which also includes steps and extrapolated calorie burn. Inside this heavy-duty compression shirt are conductive fibers that transmit biometric signals to a small box attached to the shirt.

In his in-depth review, Kevin comments provides a full picture as to how the OMsignal shirt works and how he used it, including using it on the treadmill and targeted fitness zone data – helpful to him for specific training in any aerobic zone. According to him the OMsignal app is well designed and the shirt felt and looked like it was of high quality!

Another value point Kevin mentions is the shirt’s price:

Once you have the box, though, you can add more sensing shirts for as little as $79.99 since they uses the same snap mechanism. It sounds steep but I’ve actually bought “dumb” compression running shirts for $50 or more. And I’ve spent even more money on health tracking gadgets that are bulky and far from fashionable, so much so that I hesitate to wear them. A shirt, however, is just that: A shirt. I have to wear one anyway, so why not wear one that has more value?

His conclusion?

As a result of the cost, how well the shirt works and the fact that it actually is a shirt, I think the company is on to something here. Maybe we should look to the past for the future of wearable health trackers and add smarts to things we already wear instead of trying to design the next device for a wrist.

Read the review in its entirety right here:

Photo credit: Kevin C. Tofel/Gigaom

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