Can Tracking Your Breathing Really Help You Get Fit?

By Jesse Slade Shantz & Roberto Cialdella 

Breathing and heart rate are so automatic few active people pay any attention to them. Since the invention of heart rate monitors it has been possible to follow the heart rate response to activity, but until now keeping track of breathing hasn’t been so easy. And yet being mindful of your breathing can not only help you relax, stay sharp, and manage physical stress, it also helps provide key insights into your fitness and help you push yourself further with less effort.

At OMsignal we are able to push the boundaries of human measurement. Breathing is one of our key advantages and one of the ways that we are building a human performance lab that can be worn on your back. OMsignal’s Biometric Smartwear also provides users with a new way of looking at their physical fitness and how it improves over time.

The shirt tracks your breathing rate, balance, and depth; however the recovery assessment feature now also offers key insights on what your breathing says about your performance during the test. By completing the short test, your Biometric Smartwear will help you get fitter with 3 key findings:

  1. Do you have a tendency to inhale more than exhaling when exercising?
  1. Does your breathing average reveal you are out of breath too quickly?
  1. How long does it takes for your breathing rate to recover to its normal rate?

You’d be surprised to find out a majority of people hyperventilate when working out, which can negatively affect physical performance. It is quite easy to underestimate how breathing properly can help you optimize overall performance and endurance.

OMsignal’s Chief Medical Officer Jesse Slade Shantz agrees: 

Breathing properly during exercise allows our users to maintain proper oxygenation of the blood.  When the breathing rate goes down, the potential to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lungs worsens shifting the body into lactic acidosis, causing muscles to burn and negatively affecting performance.”

Would you like to know how well you fare? Get the OMsignal app to assess your recovery and breathing today. Simply go to Fitness > Biometric Tests > Recovery Assessment to complete the test.

Once you receive your grade, simply scroll down and tap on breathing assessment.

If you haven't done so yet, get your OMsignal shirt right here!


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