Star user Don preps for race with OMsignal shirt

We wanted to take the opportunity to salute OMsignal star user Don for his 50k Ride for Heart bike race over the weekend. For the past 2 weeks, Don has been prepping for the race by making his workouts more explosive, using lighter weights and turning to Crossfit to get his endurance going. The best part? He’s been taking his OMsignal shirt along for the journey! 

This is Don’s second race and the cause certainly hits home as many of his family members suffer from heart disease. What’s more, his sister and nephew will be joining him too.  

It turns out Don didn’t have to completely overhaul his fitness routine to prep for the race. He’s been pretty determined to get as fit as he can for the past 15 months. So far he’s lost 33 lbs., gained 9 lbs. of muscle, and went from 28% body fat to 13%.

One way he’s been able to transform himself is by using his OMsignal shirt and app to keep his heart rate above 140 bpm when working out. When the OMsignal app lets him know that his heart rate is close to hitting below 140 bpm, he takes shorter breaks between sets.

To help him gain muscle mass, Don uses the Free Training session to make sure he spends at least 30% of his workout in the anaerobic zone. Putting on mass at 41 years old has been challenging but the free training feature and subsequent post workout report generated shortly thereafter helps ensure he never strays from reaching his goal. 

Steps and total calories are another important metric. If he doesn’t burn a predetermined number of calories, he’ll do a quick cardio workout until he hits his goal.

Last but definitely not least, is nutrition. Having a difficult and irregular work schedule (he works at night, sometimes 8 days in a row) and with a family to take care of, preparation is everything. Don makes sure to prep his meals for the week and then freezes them. This allows him to have a nutritious meal on the go, every 3 hours!

Good luck in your race, Don! We’ll be following you on Twitter and look forward to you sharing your post-race fitness report from the OMsignal app!


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