OMsignal app version 1.8.7 is now available

Dear OMies, 

Here are this month’s OMsignal app release highlights:


Sync Mode

It goes without saying that Sync mode has been one of our most requested features! Go for a workout or track your daily data without needing your phone nearby, we've got you covered! Your Little Black Box now records your data and automatically streams it to your iOS device once in close proximity.


Launch of the Biometric Fitness Plan

Tapping on the OMsignal app’s fitness icon now offers you:

  • A fitness plan category with workout videos to help you get back into shape and lose weight - more videos will be released shortly
  • A category for all upcoming biometric tests 
  • The ability to record a fitness session and set fitness goals during any type of exercise or routine


Just the beginning: we are proud to unveil our first biometric workout videos and fitness plan. Expect more videos shortly! 


Don't Only Follow a Workout Video - be a Part of it

Don't just follow a workout video, be a part of it with your biometrics displayed live on the screen as you work out!


Battery Life

The battery life of your Little Black Box has now been increased by 30%!


You can connect with our Product team directly at feedback@omsignal or call us at 1-844-668-3335 or reach out to us on social: twitter @omsignal // facebook  
Please note:
OMsignal no longer supports iOS 7. Supported devices include: iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPod Touch (5th gen or above), iPad (3rd gen or above).
A mandatory firmware update will be required for sync and extending the Little Black Box’s battery life.


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