Version 1.1.5 of the OMsignal app is now available!

Dear OMies,
As we continue to evolve and improve our product features, we are pleased to announce to you our latest feature updates for February.

Social Sharing

Backed by popular demand, you will now be able to share your Biometric Test scores on Facebook or Twitter via iOS app.


Your Biometric Test score is based on the averages of individuals who have taken the test in your age group.

The Heart Rate Recovery score is just the first of many planned tests and scores that you will be able to achieve with the OMsignal app. 

For those who are new to the biometric test, click here the full description.

Drop the excuses because sharing your results with friends will show them what you're made of! 


Live Lifestyle Reporting

This live reporting feature will improve the way you track your daily activity and monitor your health in real-time.


 Get your lifestyle report instantly at the tip of your fingers with 5 minute auto-updates.


At OMsignal, being an industry leader in wearable tech means that we want to connect with our trailblazers on a one-on-one basis to get real-time feedback to continuously improve our game. You can connect with our Product team directly at feedback@omsignal or call us at 1-844-668-3335 or reach out to us on social: twitter @omsignal // facebook 

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