Power Up Your Personal Training

Power Up Your Personal Training with OMsignal

By: Andrew Vontz

As a personal trainer, you see new wearable fitness devices every day that look cool and boast slick features. But for a wearable to work for you and your clients, it has to achieve two main goals: get your clients the results they want and help your business to thrive.

Designed with trainers and their clients in mind, the OMsignal platform gives you­ and your clients everything you need to succeed with the revolutionary OMsignal Smart Textile, the world’s first ever Biometric workouts and a powerful app that’s easy to use and understand. This breakthrough technology enables you to perfectly calibrate workouts to optimize results for clients in an entirely new way.

The OMsignal platform has unique features that allow you to push clients precisely hard enough to maximize the effectiveness of every training session and keep them progressing over time. It also provides data to help guide future workouts and gives you the ability to send clients off with data-guided Biometric Workouts for them to do on their own.

With OMsignal you’ll be able to understand your clients on a deeper level than has ever been possible before so that you can motivate them and get them results they can see right away. This will allow you to help clients maximize their training time and to get the most out of their investment in you.

OMsignal enables you to get results client more effectively and efficiently than ever before and sets your business apart from the competition with a suite of tools that will help you thrive.


When OMsignal set out to produce the ultimate wearable to enhance fitness and performance, we designed it with very specific qualities that meet the needs of personal trainers.


  1. It’s comfortable for clients to wear and doesn’t obstruct how they move.
  2. It captures meaningful, useful Biometrica data.
  3. It provides context to make that Biometric data immediately digestible for trainers and clients alike.
  4. It has a simple, intuitive interface for trainers to monitor and share information with clients.

 OMsignal knows what matters for you as a trainer and we’re committed to helping you get results for your clients. Here’s how we do it.



Using the OMsignal platform is as simple as having a client put on the proprietary OMsignal shirt, activating the sensors on the shirt by tapping the little black box, and pairing the little black box with the app to begin capturing data.



It’s one thing to measure what matters. It’s another thing to deliver that information in an intuitive, simple app experience that lets you and your clients immediately get the feedback needed to guide and modify workouts. That’s exactly what the OMsignal app does. It’s easy to use, easy to navigate and will instantly make sense to you and your clients. It provides the information that matters in a way that anyone can understand. 

The OMsignal app allows you to watch the key health indicators and vital statistics of clients to help you push them to the exact level of intensity necessary to get results on every movement, every rep, and every session.



Working with sports scientists and trainers, OMsignal used its technology to create the world’s first Biometric workouts that guide the intensity and duration of each exercise based on extensive Biodata gathered from the OMsignal Endurance sport shirt’s sensors.

Biometric workouts also enable you to provide clients with optimal workouts to complete between in-person sessions and to monitor and motivate clients between visits. You can use the Biometric workouts to get an instant snapshot of where a client is at in their journey towards fitness. This benchmark can be used to track progress over time, to power up any workout and to create workouts for clients to complete on their own.

Here's how: http://omsignal.com/blogs/how-to/15881321-how-to-power-up-your-workout-using-biometric-exercises



Every client has a sweet spot where they push themselves hard enough to make gains in a training session. One client might run a 9-minute mile and struggle to curl 10-pound dumbbells. Another client might run a sub-6-minute mile and easily bench 400 pounds. Both clients need to be pushed to get to the next level of fitness, but in different ways.

The Push Score allows you to identify each client’s perfect effort level on each exercise and make sure the client hits the Push Score necessary to reach that zone every time they train. A Total Push Score at the end of the workout provides a biometric measurement of the total effort the client puts into the overall workout that can be used as a point of comparison for future workouts.

"The OM shirt is going to allow us to tweak programs in a real-time scenario,” says Chris Ince, a certified personal trainer and owner of U.N.I. gym. “it takes away the guess work and the formulas that we normally use and it puts all the information right in front of us immediately.”



 The OMsignal sport shirt combines proprietary bionsensing fabric woven into a compression shirt available in a range of sizes to suit any physique. The OMsignal sizing system makes it easy to find just the right size that will look and feel great on any body type.


The bionsensing fabric is coupled with an unobtrusive, detachable sensor on the shirt that captures all of the data you need to help a client get awesome results, fast. Sensors include:

  1. An ECG for heart-rate based training
  2. Three Axis accelerometers
  3. Breathing sensors


These integrated sensors allow you to monitor clients and record accurate data that matters in real time including:

  1. Heart rate
  2. Intensity of motion
  3. Breathing rate, depth and ration


Before and after workouts, the OMsignal shirt’s compression fabric may help speed recovery and can be used to monitor clients between workouts.


The breath measurements OMsignal gives you the ability to show clients how to harness the power of their breath to achieve greater results, faster. As you know, a surprisingly common mistake clients make when working out is to hold their breath. The Biometric breathing data that the OMsignal platform provides lets you see how your clients breathe in real time and gives you more valuable data about how hard a client is working during any exercise. Like the Push score, you can use the breathing Biodata to push your client exactly as hard as they need to be pushed to succeed and reach their goals.



Ultimately, the OMsignal platform enables you to do your job more effectively and more precisely and deliver value to clients that they’ll be able to see. You can use the OMsignal app to help clients wearing the OMsignal sport shirt see progress and start improving from the first rep of the first exercise of the first session they complete.

That instant motivation provides a deep sense of engagement and satisfaction that keeps clients motivated in a way that’s difficult to achieve without the OMsignal platform.

From session to session and over time, the meaningful data the OMsignal platform provides makes it possible for you to dial in routines that keep clients motivated during workouts, getting results and coming back for more.

Biometric exercises and workouts also provide a unique way for you to give clients trackable homework to keep them accountable between sessions.

With OMsignal as part of the training experience you provide, you’ll deliver value and results to clients they’ve never experienced before and that will keep them coming back for more.


The future of personal training has arrived with the wearable platform designed with you and your clients in mind: OMsignal. Power up your personal training here: http://omsignal.com/collections/all




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