Signing off on the world’s first Biometric Smartwear Collection

As the race to ship comes to a close, our textile team signs off on the world’s first Biometric Smartwear Collection

by Roberto Cialdella

In a company that monitors heart signal, breathing activity, step movements, and calories burned - we can literally see the intensity of the team coming to a climax. All of our departments, be it hardware, textile, bio-engagement, marketing, customer service and R&D, have converged into one giant productivity hub. We can't believe it’s almost time to ship our final product!   

Before heading into mass production, the textile team toyed with fit repeatedly – not only as it applied to signal readings through the specific placement of various sensors throughout the garment but also as it applied to comfort – until they were finally able to get it right. Necklines, sleeves and shirt lengths were among the many things mulled over during fittings. In fact, the entire OMsignal team was tested as guinea pigs for fittings as well as tech-inclined beta-testing on a daily basis, to ensure a quality fit resulting in a better real-time signal.

As the race to ship comes to a close, the textile team is working hard to continually meet rigorous quality assurance standards and demanding production requirements. This is OMsignal’s first production of its size and we couldn’t be more proud to be signing off on it!

The excitement is palpable; you’ve all been quite vocal and encouraging. Believe me when I say, our entire team is just as excited as you are.

FINALIZE YOUR ORDER: Measure up in 60 seconds or less

To help make measuring yourself extra easy, I gathered some friends and co-workers to film this sizing video to help guide your OMsignal fitting experience!

This is my directorial debut here at OMsignal, making videos for you to ensure that everything is as seamless as possible with your OM smartwear experience. Watch out for Fred, our VP of Engineering, as he makes his first star-making appearance.

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