A bright future for wearables: Top predictions for 2014


Earlier this year MaRS released an in-depth wearable tech report and current market insights


From watches to wigs, the wearable technology market continues to astonish and amaze. Conservative estimates predict 100 million wearable tech units shipped in the new year, and market growth reaching around $12 billion. How will the trends of 2014 influence smart clothing and mobile technology design? Of course we'll have to wait and see for ourselves - but here are a few of our favorite predictions!

Beyond the basics

Experts agree that simple activity trackers and pedometers will no longer make the cut. In 2014 there will be a big shift towards more complete biometric trackers that measure multiple vital signs. According to Canadian mobile tech review site MobileSyrup, wearables like OMsignal will captivate more users than simple wrist-worn step counters and other basic self-tracking devices.

A passion for fashion

As we talked about last week, a majority of fitness and health tracking devices so far have not been designed with fashion in mind. Fashion forward changes in wearable design are on the horizon in 2014, as major competitors like Nike and Apple join a host of start ups working to bring smart clothing to the runway and beyond.

War of the watches

The wrist will continue to be prime real estate for wearables in 2014 as the next generation of smart watches and self-tracking wristbands become available. With high hopes for better performance, fewer bugs, and greater functionality, the next crop of wrist gadgets should see some major improvements. New players are poised to enter the wristband market this year in response to wrist-worn devices greater ubiquity. However as more people become familiar with wearable technology and self tracking, the wrist may lose it's spot as wearable tech's favorite body part in favor of other integrated devices that can give more detailed results. The new year will certainly be an interesting one for wearables, and we can't wait to see what surprises 2014 has in store for us. No matter which predictions turn out to be accurate, we don't need a crystal ball to see that the future of smart clothing and wearable tech is definitely bright!

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