Happy Thanksgiving from OMsignal! Some food for thought…


Indulging ourselves is okay once in a while. That's what special occasions are for!

But most of us don't realize that something as simple as the amount of food we eat can have a significant effect on our overall health.

Our bio engagement scientist Sunny Mahajan noticed this one day while reviewing OMsignal data. One of our testers was experiencing a daily stress moment, right after eating lunch. Thanks to the OMsignal shirt the tester was wearing, we easily tracked the moment over a few weeks.

However, the tester was unaware that he was having this stress moment at all!! His breathing and heart rates were showing the same patterns as stressful activity, but the tester reported having a “normal” mood and calmly sitting at his desk. Definitely not what the vital signs monitoring indicated!

After some investigation, Sunny tracked down the cause of the stress moment. It seems that the tester was skipping breakfast and having a huge lunch to compensate. The oversized portions at lunch were putting physical strain on his system, without any outward sign. And this was happening every day! Sunny revealed this information to the tester and with a few small changes, the tester was able to eliminate the unhealthy moment from his day. Amazing what a little data can do!

The power to see how small changes can positively shape our lives is an important factor in achieving our health goals. Just by being able to experience what your body is telling you can make a huge impact! And we’re excited to share even more ways that following your inner health signals can benefit you. Because good health is definitely something to be thankful for!

(photo courtesy of brandwise.com)

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