New wearable tech for babies helps parents sleep tight.


Many parents know that having a new baby can be as stressful as it is joyful. A new product hopes to eliminate some of the worry that parents experience by safely tracking babies' vital signs in the crib.

The Mimo is a "onesie" that the baby wears directly in contact with the skin - just like an OMsignal shirt for infants! The onesie will monitor baby respiration, activity, and temperature and provide real-time feedback and health status to concerned parents. Parents will be able to rest easier knowing that any drastic changes or problems will be instantly reported to them.

Now we will really be able to quantify what it means to "sleep like a baby!" And the ability to monitor infant vital signs without complex equipment and uncomfortable sensors will give both parents and medical professionals an easy, cost effective way to have the information needed to prevent and respond to serious issues in time to make a difference.

Recently launched on a crowdfunding website, the Mimo already has distribution confirmed with a major baby product retailer and should be commercially available in January 2014. Read more about the Mimo here.    


(Photo by Dulcie Madden)

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