A step in the right direction


Are you moving enough during your day? Experts say that the average adult should be taking at least 10,000 steps per day in order to have a healthy activity level. You might think you are getting enough activity, but how would you know for sure? 10,000 steps could seem like a lot, but luckily there’s one simple step you can take to move towards healthy activity – track yourself!

A number of health and fitness trackers, like the OMSignal shirt, are available today to help you achieve your goals and ensure that you’re moving enough. Using an accelerometer, these wearable electronics are able to measure your position, movement, and other physical position measurements. Usually the device will send the data to an app, which can then calculate how many calories you’ve burned as well as keep track of your daily progress over time.

Of course, some activities are more physically intense than walking (and according to some of us, more fun too!) Simple pedometers are unfortunately not sophisticated enough to tell you how intense activities like boxing, cycling or rock climbing can contribute to your daily fitness goal. Choosing a health and fitness tracker that measures more than just steps is a good way to ensure that all your daily activities get logged. Want to move even deeper towards better overall health? How about tracking how your heart rate is behaving before, during, and after your workout! Or even better, monitor how your breathing is influencing your performance! Precise wearable technology like the OMsignal shirt can do all that and more, giving you a holistic picture of your activity, health and overall wellbeing.

More than just numbers, having an accurate snapshot of your daily activity levels can be a great motivational force as well. After all, seeing your progress over time can show you how far you’ve come towards meeting your goals. Take a step towards better health today!

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