Our new partner and investor: Flextronics



Today, we’re excited to announce a new partnership with Flextronics (Flex for short), a leading end-to-end supply chain solutions company and worldwide leader in design, fabrication, assembly and test of electronics. The Flex folks are second to none and are the #1 manufacturer of wearable tech. They have tight relationships with the largest players in many industries from apparel to medical to consumer electronics, so you can understand how thrilled we are to welcome them as partner investors.

I remember meeting Lior Susan, VP of new ventures and our new advisory board member, over Skype a few weeks ago. Within days of our first conversation, he was in Montreal spending time with the OM team and some of our other partners including with Mladen Barbaric from Pearl Studio (also leaders in wearable electronics design). It was clear to us that Lior and the Flex team had done their homework before coming to meet us, and already understood that e-textile and smart garments represent a massive (we would say unparalleled) opportunity and stands to turn wearable into an invisible – and truly ubiquitous – lifestyle technology.

We have been very deliberate in surrounding OMsignal with the right partners, with A+ players, and to create an ecosystem of leading investors around the company. We will have more news on that front soon.

Welcome to Lior, to Oshri and the overall team at Flextronics. We are thrilled to have you guys join us for this journey!

Stéphane and the “OMies”

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