OMsignal and wearable tech make headlines in Montreal news!

We love to see our name in print! Ready-to-wear technology and the growing popularity of wearable electronics made headlines in this weekend's edition of Montreal newspaper La Presse. The article claims that intelligent garments (like the OMsignal shirt) will be the next big wave of smart devices for consumers.

OMsignal's brilliant Head of Electronic Textiles, Joanna Berzowski (Associate Professor and Chair of Department of Design and Computation Arts at Concordia University), discussed how the omnipresent smart phone will open the future of connectivity between devices and people. She believes that our collective need to know one another, to be connected, and to have information about ourselves will continue to drive innovation in the field.

As quantified-self devices become more popular and more products emerge, the possibilities for a connected, informed life continue to grow. The market is particularly ripe for this growth in Montreal, a city historically known for it's textile manufacturing expertise. We're in good company! OMsignal is one of three Montreal-based companies actively working on wearable electronics.

The full La Presse article (in French) is available here.  

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