Breathe in a range of benefits!


Improved health and wellness can start with a step so simple, most people don't even give it a second thought - healthy breathing. Better breathing can help you stabilize blood pressure, oxygenate and repair cells, reduce anxiety...and more!

So how can you determine whether you are practicing healthy breathing throughout your day? The OMsignal shirt can help! When we talk about healthy breathing, we mean deep breathing. The most healthy breathing involves your abdomen as well as your chest. If you're breathing optimally, you will notice your abdomen rising as well as your chest expanding. The lungs extend fully, getting a good dose of helpful oxygen into your lungs and bloodstream. Many of us spend the day breathing shallowly, a condition that can actually increase our heart rate and exacerbate feelings of stress and anxiety...often without us realizing it. Like most techniques for healthy living, awareness is a crucial element for change.

That's where we come in. No, we can't breathe for you. But we can help by telling you when you're practicing the most healthy breathing, and when you can improve. The OMsignal shirt expands as you breathe, and sends your breathing data to the app. If the app notices that you're not breathing deeply enough, it can send you a reminder. It can also coach you to make sure that the volume of your breath reaches an optimal level. Deep breaths also allow you to take control of your stress levels. The OMsignal app can help you use this powerful technique to combat stress and keep your heart activity within a healthy range.

Start breathing in the benefits today!

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