Mind over matter: the secret to healthy stress


Here at OMsignal we know that managing stress is a huge factor for achieving greater wellness, and our unique platform gives you the tools to know how and when stress occurs. But did you know that sometimes stress can be good for you? New research shows that the body's stress response can actually help you be healthier - if you know how to handle it!

Healthy stress has two components: awareness, and attitude. Awareness means knowing when you are experiencing high stress levels. How many times have you had stress symptoms without even realizing it? Biosensing tools that give you feedback, like the OMsignal shirt, can give you the awareness you need to take action and reduce stress.

Next, your attitude about stress can play a huge role in your health. In her TED talk "How to make stress your friend," health psychologist Kelly McGonigal shows that thinking about stress as a motivating factor can change our physiological response into a healthy one.

McGonigal suggests that instead of viewing stress as a sign that something's wrong, look at it as your body's way of "energizing you to meet the challenge." Research shows that awareness paired with a positive attitude will give you better performance, more confidence, and will also have positive effects on your heart and cardiovascular system. People who thought about stress symptoms as a motivating factor were less likely to have constricted blood vessels. Instead, their vital signs were in the same range as people demonstrating courage or joy. Incredible!

Try it out! The next time you become aware of a stressful moment, try thinking of your physical reaction as an energy boost instead of a health threat. Use awareness to take control of your inner system, and enjoy the physical benefits of healthy stress! To hear all about how positive thinking and other positive actions can make you more healthy and resilient, check out the TED video with Kelly McGonigal here.

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