Motivation & the signal from within


Wow! Did you know that 73% of people give up on their fitness goals within six weeks of making them?! That's not a very inspiring statistic! (Men's Fitness Magazine)

What pushes you to achieve your goals? Here at OMsignal we believe that motivation comes from following the signal from within! By being connected to the signals from within your own body, you can fully experience the progress you make.

The experts agree! recently reviewed a list of motivational techniques. They spoke to fitness experts from coast to coast and narrowed down some excellent motivation boosters. Here are some of our favorites:

- Make sure the goals you're setting are realistic so that they can be achieved in stages. According to certified triathlon coach Lorrie Beck, "Seeing improvement over time and through continued training is a great motivation reinforcement for all ages."

- Health psychologist Melanie Greenberg says that keeping track of your successes over time and sharing them with others makes you much more likely to stay on track and achieve the goals you've set.

- Technology is your friend! Sophisticated technology on your mobile devices can give you a much more accurate reading of your vital signs, progress, and fitness statistics. Physiotherapist Steve Canning recommends taking advantage of technology to help you reach optimal performance, and achieve your goals on schedule.

The bottom line? Staying motivated is easier when we have a way of tracking our progress and sharing the results. Read all seventeen motivational strategies here.

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