Speaking the same language


Being a startup and specializing in a field as specific as wearables, our team is a great mixture of different people. Wether born on different continents or trained in various specialties, our biggest challenge is to understand each other. Sure, we all speak the same language, but how do we manage to grasp our teammates' field of expertise? How can a bio-engagement scientist make himself understood by a software engineer, or a UX specialist? This is crucial to the business.

At OMsignal, every morning, we have stand up meetings. Yes, we do stand-up in a circle, and everyone has a minute (just one minute!) to tell the others about their achievements, roadblocks and daily objectives. This means we have to be straight to the point, clear (and awake!). We find that this is a great way to get some information across and to make sure everyone can understand. We dare you to try it!  

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