Smart clothing doesn't mean boring clothing!

Ying Gao, designer of the OMsignal shirt, recently had one of her inventions grace the cover WIRED


Designing clothes is a challenge in itself. Fashion designer Ying Gao knows a thing or two about it. A renowned designer, she's the only Canadian fashion designer featured in Britain's Wallpaper Magazine Top 40. She's also been praised for her work combining urban design, architecture and multimedia, including a gaze-activated dress and a weather-influenced cardigan.

Ying Gao is collaborating with OMsignal to develop a line of smart apparel that is technologically ground-breaking while being fashionable. Suffice to say, this is nothing but a challenge! From developing an efficient fabric to shaping a comfortable yet appealing shirt, the entire process of creating OMsignal's bio-sensing shirt reaches out to various specialties.

As Gao says: "I never have thought one day that in order to come up with a good design, I would have to collaborate with a neuroscientist, a physician, a software developer, in addition to an electronic fiber specialist. It truly is a vibrant and fascinating experience."


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