Meet Martin Auclair, star tester at OMsignal

 Martin Auclair has been a trialer for OMsignal since May 2013 and our entire team thinks he’s one of our star testers! We’ve asked him to tell us about himself and about his experience his our shirt.

martin auclair

- Martin, how did you come across the OMsignal shirt?

I met Stéphane Marceau (OMsignal Co-fonder) at work. He had noticed the Jawbone UP I was wearing, and asked about it. I explained how I was using it: mainly to track sleep and activity, and also for motivational purposes. Motivation is probably the best way to get me moving and do something! I'm pretty lazy and I can easily stop doing exercise unless I get notified to get up... Stéphane told me that he had something to show me and it would probably interest me a lot… This is how it all started!

- How do you use your OMsignal shirt?

I mainly use it at work: I’m in constant movement from my desk to the warehouse, and I have to handle quite an amount of stress. Knowing in real-time when you are stressed is really helpful to control it... Since stress is part of my regular day, I wasn't aware that I was stressed. You don’t usually notice you’re stressed unless it’s really high, so for me, being aware of the little phases of stress that I go trough every day helps me control them. 

- What's the biggest asset about your shirt?

To be honest, the techno / nerd / cool factor side of it is what make me love it. It's an incredible piece of technology fitted into an everyday use item! Also, I love to see in real time what is happening to my body, to be able to track and understand what the impact of my actions on my mood and my body. When I exercise and when I push hard, I can see how it went and how I recover from it...

- How would you see this product evolving?

I love to think that one day, this technology will help to prevent incidents and save lives... I'm pretty sure that on the medical side of it, there is a huge potential of it becoming a tool to follow patients and to understand better how heart failure happens and see it coming. I see it being really useful for the disease of the century: depression is getting more and more present around us, and I'm fairly sure that tracking the mood of a person will help a lot on solving their problems.

- If you could add one feature (any feature) to your shirt, what would it be?

A jet pack!

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