Building OMsignal, one thread at a time

OMsignal is not your every-day startup. Surely, it’s a new, small company, in a phase of development, with an innovative tech product.

But OMsignal posseses one ingredient that differenciates it from other start ups: its team, like a fabric, was tightly woven to support and push the product. When Stéphane Marceau and Fred Chanay decided to build the company, they figured out they needed to start the project with e-textile and apparel specialists. It turned out that the best talents in the world were right their backyard, in Montreal: Joanna Berzowska (an MIT media labs pionner and global speaker on electronic textile) and Ying Gao (whose sensory fashion designs are shown in art movies and top galleries worldwide) happened to be located in Montreal.

From this strong canvas, both co-founders brought in specialists with years of academic research in areas as diverse as bio-engagement, smart textiles, software engineering, mobile apps development and even medicine! The result? An enthusiastic and extremely performant team, with a twist of cultural diversity (OMsignal team is made of 11 different nationalities)!.  To learn more about it, check: Presenting OMsignal

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