Testing, testing and more testing!


At OMsignal, we are systematically testing the platform and its iterations at every stage of the product development cycle, with dozens of testers trying out the shirt, some wearing it for months on a daily basis. The feedback gained from their experience is methodically plowed back into R&D and shared with a local apparel manufacturing partner that not only brings a specific field of expertise to creating wearable technology, but has also committed to producing prototypes at an unusually (for the garment industry) fast pace to match our lean startup culture.

In addition, a series of software tools have also been developed to analyze and compare variables such as comfort, appearance, and signal quality. Our team has sourced specialized sensors from around the world to monitor environmental conditions such as humidity and temperature, the compression between the skin and the fabric, and the amount of moisture on the skin’s surface. By having testers come into the office and perform a series of movements while wearing an OMsignal shirt, then combining all this data, they have been able to track signal quality as a function of comfort and compression.



The consumer is key to everything we do. This hands-on, almost tactile feedback is as important as software analysis, as it allow us to find the most robust solution for the product. Our basic idea has been the same from day one: to use clothing to create an outer reflection of an inner state. In other words: you are what you wear…




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