How To Complete The Biometric Test

We know your health and fitness are important to you. That’s why we created the Biometric Test as a way to assess your fitness level through an interactive experience right inside the OMsignal app!   It’s very quick, guided by interactive videos, photos and written descriptions.  You can find it right on your OMsignal app home screen


You’ll perform a set of quick exercises designed to measure how quickly you can raise your heart rate to 140 beats per minute, and how fast you can bring it down to regular resting levels. At the end you'll receive a grade based on your biometrics.

Challenge yourself to an A+ biometric performance by training smart and repeating the test on a regular basis as you workout with your Biometric Smartwear. Check out this video to learn more, or just take the test right inside your OMSignal app.




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