How To Power Up Your Workout Using Biometric Exercises

Looking for ways to increase your fitness level? Exploring how to integrate biometric insights into your workout routines? Want to improve your Biometric Test Grade? OMsignals’ Biometric Exercises help you explore the physical connection to your biometrics and how to level up your fitness.

If you’ve got your Biometric Smartwear on, a bit of floor space to move around and 20 minutes to dedicate to your fitness, go ahead and get right into it with the video below. You will be guided through 2 blocks of 3 exercises. Each block will be repeated once with more challenge. Make sure your OMsignal app is running and your phone is nearby. Ready?     



We created this series of exercises with our OM Fitness Board of trainers. Together with our Bio-engagement and Product teams, we then went to the gym over and over again to test the workout ourseves, capture and analyze our biometrics to provide the most accurate insights for your improvement.

During each break between exercises, the Biometric Exercise video provides ways to interpret your biometric results so that you can learn how to relate your biometrics to your workouts on your own!


For instance, workout zones represent target zones for your heart rate during training. Zone 3, the Aerobic zone, represents 70-80% of your maximum heart rate (based on your age). It is a great target to aim for after the fist and second blocks of excises.

We also go a step further, and provide breathing guidance during the break between exercises (8 breaths for minute) to reduce your heart rate to optimal levels to get the most out of your second block of exercises.

The breaks in the exercise blocks provide an in-depth explanation of the biometric insights inside the OMsignal app.

For instance, the Push feature, is based on the rise and fall of your heart rate and the duration over which it occurs. It’s a unique score to OMsignal that gives you information about how much you’re pushing yourself during strength-training-based exercises.

At the end of the workout, you can review your fitness report and understand your performance through biometric data.

You’ll be able to adjust your workout based on your results and our handy workout guide, provided in the video and for you to download.

Now that you know all this, take command of your health with the short interactive video and your OMsignal gear!

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