OM Lifestyle

You. Active, focused, driven.

Performance is not just measured in the gym, which is why OM is equally focused on improving your daily wellbeing. The Lifestyle shirt features strategic compression to improve posture and increase confidence while simultaneously capturing your bio-signals throughout the day to help you become more active, focused and driven.

Your dashboard to daily performance.

RPM & Fuel Gauges

Manage your body’s energy levels and focus.

FUEL: Know your fuel reserve levels before you run out, and take matters into your own hands. Learn how to reduce Fuel depletion by managing your body’s RPM to take control and drive your health, intensity and energy levels.

RPM: Know your level of focus and physical stress in real time. Drive your daily perfo data and use suggested rest and stress management techniques as a tool towards better post training recovery or on the job performance.

Manage your every move.

Activity Window

The Active Window helps you keep track of and manage your activity levels through calories burned, number of steps walked and timespent active or at rest.

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Breathe and relax.

Breathing Alert

Breathing is crucial to a stress-free and mindful lifestyle, allowing you to handle anything that’s thrown your way. The Breathing Alert notifies you when your breathing is too shallow and advises you of better breathing techniques for increased concentration, relaxation and energy to take on the world.

"Breathing Exercises and mindfulness have been used to successfully treat anxiety. OMsignal is bringing those benefits to you everyday in the moment when you need to focus and accomplish your tasks. "

Jesse Slade Shantz, Chief Medical Officer, OMsignal

Motivate your movement.

Active Nudge

Infuse activity into your day. Active Nudge alerts you when you have been inactive for a period of time and is designed to give you a lift when you need it, encouraging you to move throughout the day and feel better.

Measure your wellbeing.

Personal Analytics Report

Personal Analytics Reports via email provide detailed monitoring of your activity. Data includes heart rate, breathing rate and breathing depth at rest, calories burned per hour and in total, activity levels throughout the day and your daily fuel levels. This data, and much more, shows you how you’re doing based on your goals and allows you to increase your daily performance and wellbeing.