The First Ever Collection of Biometric Smartwear

Using OM Shirts: Behind The Scenes

See The Beta in Action

Erick Schatzker, Anchor and Editor on Bloomberg Television, takes a jog with the OM shirt

Fitness. Empowered.

Real-time insights and alerts respond to your biometrics - heart rate, breathing rate, and volume and intensity levels - leading to ultimate gym and sports mastery.

Health. Empowered.

Prescriptive notifications assist post-training recovery by monitoring how your body behaves over time, with access to key data including heart rate recovery and breathing at rest, to monitor improvements in health and fitness.

Life. Empowered.

Lifestyle mode monitors your body’s energy, physical stress and activity levels, offering continuous insights throughout the day, allowing you to live a more balanced and focused life.

First Biometric Smartwear Collection

Apparel meets tech

High-performance smart wear that feels like a second skin.

Performance Compression

Improves blood circulation, enhances performance
and helps muscles recover faster

Posture Control

The Lifestyle collection features strategically designed compression
to help support good posture throughout the day.

Comfort fit

Adopts your body’s shape, moves like you do,
and feels like a second, super soft skin.

Moisture management

Features climate control and moisture-wicking
fabric to keep you cool.

Odor control

Anti-microbial treatment fights odor-causing bacteria
to eliminate the after-workout smell.

Machine washable

Treat your OM shirt just like any other high performance shirt.
Yes, you can throw it in the wash.

The little black box

The data module records and streams continuous, real-time biometric data wirelessly from your shirt to your phone.

Deeper signal capture
Captures the most accurate heart
and breathing signals.
Continual Data Collection
Records data even when you’re
away from your phone.

Bluetooth connectivity
Connects to your phone using
low-power Bluetooth LE.
Water Resistance
Built with rain, splash and
sweat-resistant materials.

Seamless Integration
Designed to fit conveniently
into your shirt.
Power through 30 workouts
2-3 days continuous use or up to 30
training sessions before recharging.

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